The purpose of the blind voting exercise is to get insights of what concept, idea, problem or similar, the participants find the most interesting or realistic.  This can then be used directly to make decisions on what to choose and move forward with, or the results can be reflected on and used for later development.

Tips to include participants who are not able to:


If the participant can not write themselves let them come up to the facilitator or an assistant, one by one and express their vote. The facilitator or assistant then notes down the vote, and throws it into the voting box.


If the voting box hole is too small for the participants dexterity, either cut a larger hole or use a bowl instead.


Make sure to present the concepts in detail – descriptions and describe the illustrations. If the participant is not comfortable with writing either – make them come up one by one to express their vote, which the facilitator then will note down and put into the voting box.


Voting box and concepts are placed in close proximity to the participants.



Concepts, problems or ideas


A popular vote for one or more concepts




5-10 min




Writing, Seeing, Reflecting

Step by step:

  1. Print the template to cut out and fold the voting box.

  2. Print and cut out the voting ballots.

  3. Give each concept/idea/problem a number and sum up what the concepts are about to the participants (5 min, time depends on the amount of concepts).

  4. Hand out as many votes as you want the participants to have.

  5. Ask the participants to vote for e.g. their favorite or top three by writing the favorites/top threes number on their ballot (5 min).

  6. Ask the participants to put the ballots in the voting box (1 min).

  7. Empty the box and count the votes (1 min).

  8. Present the results to the participants (1min).

When doing this method you should consider:

Print the box template as large as you can to make it easier to put in the ballots.
Keep the voting rules simple. like top three or two votes each or just your favorite.