Energizers are a great method to implement when you feel like the energy level in the room is down, or if motivation is running low. 

A little bit of laughter or movement can have a great impact on the mood in the room.

This one has the added bonus of helping to keep the workshop room clean.



Paper/Post Its. Participants low on energy


Energy level up




5-10 min




Core abilities: Ability to throw

Step by step:

  1. Ask participants to stand up if possible and place a trash basket in a location close enough for everyone to be able to throw into.

  2. If you have made sure to document the previous exercise or if some of the paper material used is now redundant ask the participants to pick one or two pieces of paper and create a paper ‘ball’

  3. Each participant takes a turn to throw one paper ‘ball’ into the basket.

  4. Continue this clockwise until everyone in the circle has thrown at least one time.

  5. Go on for as long as you deem necessary, either until you can sense the energy level has risen, or when you have gotten rid of necessary paper materials into the trash.

When doing this method you should consider:

The facilitator can determine the level of ‘sillyness’ by either adding a competitive angle to the energizer or by encouraging laughter through their own demeanor.


Materials needed: