Energizers are a great method to implement when you feel like the energy level in the room is down, or if motivation is running low. 

A little bit of laughter or movement can have a great impact on the mood in the room.

Find your pair has the bonus, that it can be used while you are creating groups.



Participants low on energy


Energy level up! And participants sorted into groups.




5-10 min




Core abilities: Ability to move, ability to speak, ability to listen, ability to understand

Step by step:

  1. Create a list of as many animals as the number of groups you need. If you need 7 groups, then you need 7 animals

  2. Assign an animal to each participant in the workshop, without letting them know each others animals. Assign the same animal to the amount of participants you want in each team. If you want 3 in each time, give 3 people the same animal.

  3. Ask the participants to stand up and spread around the room.

  4. Ask the participants to locate their fellow group members, but they can only use the sound of the animal they are given.

When doing this method you should consider:

Encourage laughter and fun, the whole purpose is to lift the mood.