Energizers are a great method to implement when you feel like the energy level in the room is down, or if motivation is running low. 

A little bit of laughter or movement can have a great impact on the mood in the room.



Participants low on energy


Energy level up - Creates comfort




5-10 min




Core abilities: Ability to move limbs

Step by step:

  1. Ask participants to form a circle, either standing up or sitting down

  2. Explain the ‘Circle or stretch’: The energizer aims at getting a little bit of stretching during a worksession.

  3. Each participant chooses their ‘favorite’ stretch and all the others in the circle follow along and do the same stretch

  4. Continue this clockwise until everyone in the circle has done their favorite stretch with the rest of the circle.

When doing this method you should consider:

This energizer might not evoke a lot of laughter, but its good to get the blood flowing and your participants will feel more energized afterwards
If you would like it to be a more ‘funny’ energizer you could start, as the facilitator, by doing a silly stretch and see if the other participants will follow suit.